Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer lovin'

While anxiously waiting for the departure of my flight, I noticed the lack of photos on my blog. Here are some (small) photos from my final summer as a camper at Crane Lake. Memories of stargazing, water aerobics, and the awful camp food are still lingering in my mind. I wish I could be a camper forever! Hopefully I'll be spending next summer in Israel with my camp friends, and then be returning to camp as a CIT the following summer. Anyway, we're finally getting out of the country tomorrow! Loading the buses at 2 in the morning to head off the the airport will only be the start of our early morning travels over the next four months. Wish me luck, and see you in Israel! xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

bon voyage! pt. 2

Just a quick little post to let you all know what's going on! Today I'm driving out to JFK in the midst of a hurricane, and hopefully on Monday (since my original flight on Sunday is being cancelled) I will be heading out to Tel Aviv. I will then be unpacking into my new dorm room, and starting school within the next week or so. I'm going to be blogging as much as I can, no doubt. I'll have my three lovely roommates to take outfit photos for me, and so many stories to tell daily! Stay tuned, and see you soon! xx
Oh and p.s., I'm not done packing. And I leave in five hours.