Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Hey everyone! As some of you know, I’m currently in a show called Thoroughly Modern Millie at the high school. It’s run by a program called SAMD, which stands for Students Acting To Make A Difference. All the money raised goes to charity, which this year is the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. I could go on and on explaining this incredible charity, or you could click here to learn more.
Anyways, the show is November 12th, 13th and 14th. Tickets for Thoroughly Modern Millie went on sale to the general public yesterday, (Tuesday, October 26th)  You can purchase tickets here. Please please please come see the show! It’s a fantastic show, I promise you! The music and choreography is incredible, the acting is phenomenal and hilarious, and it’s a truly amazing show! It would mean so much to the cast and director and everyone involved if we can fill all 400 seats in the Pollard Auditorium all three nights. Please buy tickets and tell your friends, you will not regret seeing this show! :) 

Monday, October 25, 2010


I really hope this isn’t too confusing! Just look at the photos above and understand that they are all supposed to be together in one post, except my tumblr is being very very mean today.
Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite outfits EVER. As I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought to myself, “today’s gonna be a good day.” Was it? YES! I had some of my favorite classes today, (and no math!) and I got so many compliments it made me so happy! Compliments are such a pleasure to hear and give. For me, I love giving them to people on the smaller parts of their outfit that most people wouldn’t really notice (ex. bracelet, necklace, headband, etc.) People may think the smaller accessories of an outfit don’t stand out, but they do! And receiving them, well…everyone loves a good compliment :).
I bought this dress before school started, and then the weather changed so quickly I never got to wear it! But a few weeks ago, a thought came over me. What if I wore dresses with tights, boots and a warm sweater when it’s cold, so I can be stylish and warm…? So last night as I stood in front of my closet searching for an outfit, my eyes drifted over this dress. I pulled out some tights from my drawer, grabbed a sweater of a hanger, and pulled my suede boots out from closet floor. I laid each item out under one another, and instantly knew this would be a good outfit. It you don’t think the same, that’s cool, I’m not judging your style! I feel like this outfit really represents MY style, not anyone else’s!
On a side note: These photo booth pictures have got to go. If anyone knows a site or store where I can get a pretty decent camera pretty cheap, let me know! You can message me, inbox me, come up to me at school, whatever. I just need a new camera! :)

Dress OU, Cardigan Nordstroms, Necklace F21, Tights Hue, Boots Nine West, Gifted Bracelets

down by the river side

Today was such a fun day! Olivia needed some photos for an audition she has on Saturday, so we raided my closet and got all dressed up for a photo shoot in my backyard! (I just got dressed up for fun :)) We ended up spending most of our time across from my house, just walking around this tiny little street that no cars drive down and has lots of trees and flowers. I ended up not wearing shoes for most of the shoot, since Olivia was wearing my wedges, and I just…didn’t really feel like wearing shoes. Our lovely photographer was our friend Amy, but we all switched the camera at certain points. There was a little flower patch in the grass that had these bright yellow flowers popping out of the dirt, so we picked one and carried it with us for the rest of the afternoon. (It’s actually sitting at my table right next to me right now!) I really loved it’s pop of color, so I put it in Olivia’s hair for a while. Very pretty :) So after about an hour and over 100 beautiful pictures being taken, we went inside for about 5 seconds, only to have to come back out to chase after my crazy cat, Pepper, who loves being outside even though she’s not supposed to go out! So after about 10 minutes of chasing her around my yard, Olivia finally snagged her! Then Olivia changed into a new outfit and we moved back into my yard. I have this old swing that has been there since I can remember…maybe it was here when we moved in? Not sure…but anyway, it’s kind of scary, it’s so old! It creaks every time you sit or stand on it, but it never breaks! So that was a brief version of our afternoon…oh! The title! The whole time we were taking photos I was belting “Down By The River Side” by….I don’t know who it’s by actually. Haha. Well I was singing that, and then Olivia started singing it, and Amy started singing it…and then we just couldn’t stop. It’s quite catchy!
On Olivia: Dress Kimchi Blue, Wedges Kelly & Katie, Sweater Vintage, Boots, TJ Maxx
On Moi: Skirt UO, Vest H&M, Tank American Eagle

all aboard the fashion express

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post, and I hope you accept my sincerest apology for the delay! I’ve been very busy with homework (adjusting to the new work load has been difficult) and play practice and hockey and hebrew school and everything else that’s going on in my life! But I finally snagged some time at the library to put together some posts I’ve been meaning to for a while!
As I walked into school wearing this conductor-like romper (hence the title) a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “there is no way I can pull this off.” But as soon as I passed some friends in the hallway, I started getting compliment after compliment on my outfit and I started to think “maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea…” Once I got home and was awkwardly taking photos on photo booth of myself (I have a lame camera and no photographer :/), I realized that no matter what I wear to school, there’s no one that can do anything to me if it doesn’t look good. No one’s gonna trash me on their blog (hopefully), no one will start gossiping about how terrible I look, or anything else like that. My clothes are 100% my choice, and everything I wear is my own personal style that reflects my personality. I hope that everyone feels the same way as me, that no one is forcing you to dress a certain way! Sorry to end this post so abruptly, but I have to go downstairs to the lobby to wait for my ride to play! Hopefully this is not the last post of the day! :)

turquoise wonder

I’ve been admiring these pieces at Urban for a long time now, and I’m in looooooove with them! I love how bright and bold they are! My favorite is definitely the cuff. The one thing I dislike about colorful accessories is sometimes it’s hard to match it with the perfect outfit. You can’t wear them with an outfit that’s too busy, otherwise all the colors will overlap and look too crowded. I would probably wear these with neutral colors so the accessory would really pop! I’ll be posting more later but now I’ve gotta go watch Glee! Yaaay Britney Spears! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello Again!

Hello! I've decided to move from my previous blogging site, Not that I don't love tumblr, but the style and layouts are just not what I want for my blog. Soooo...I studied some of my favorite blogs, and decided to go with blogspot! Don't let me down! I'm deciding what to do with my posts from my previous site, I may end up transfering the most recent ones to here, I'm not sure yet. But for now, you can view them here. Toodalooo ;) xxxo