Monday, January 31, 2011


This post doesn't need much of an explanation. Lace is such a beautiful trend that I'm hoping to have a large collection of. It's hard to pull of it's true value when it's too cold to wear bare skin underneath, but I cannot wait until it is warmer here! Why is summer so far away!

braided bun

I've recently become obsessed with hair. I'm not a huge fan of mine personally, probably because I was in the process of growing it out when an evil hair stylist cut it all off and left me with a not-so-stylish bob last winter! Anyway, I'm trying to make grow it long again, but I love playing with different styles and seeing what looks good. I look the braided bun look; there's so many ways to try it and yet it always looks classy and beautiful. I went to my first (of many, hopefully!) sweet sixteen this weekend and decided I wanted to try a braided bun for my hair. Luckily, one of my camp friends, Maia, is a hair goddess, and took one look at what I wanted and did it perfectly! Thank you, Maia!! :)

The Inspiration

My Look that I look at it the extra pieces sticking out are terrible! After seeing this picture we pinned them up, but I didn't get a picture of that! Sorry :P And sadly, we literally took no pictures before, during or after the party! It was such a shame; all my friends looked stunning! Oh well... I hope you all had a great weekend! xxx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

army green

We had another snow day today! I feel it wasn't very necessary, but I think my superintendent felt bad about not giving us a snow day last week when almost every single school was closed besides ours. I went shopping with Amanda and my mom to finally get presents for a party I'm going to this weekend. I also found a polar bear sweater I've been searching for (talked about here) at Urban! I'm so excited to wear it! 
I think I have a growing obsession with moustaches. Often when I'm bored, I'll doodle little moustaches on my fingers and wear them all around all day. They're so cute :) xx

Nordstronm's Jacket, Bloomingdales Blouse, Urban Outfitters Jeans

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bag it

It may not look like it, but I am a huge fan of handbags. But here's my dilemma. Whenever I'm picking out an outfit for the weekend or during the week that's not for school, I travel over to my little closet door, piled high with scarves, old bags and other pointless things. I look bags. Well, that's not completely true. There are some bags, but none that are useful to me in this time period. Most of them are semi-cute and very very tiny, and all I can fit is my phone and wallet. I'm really looking for a nice handbag, maybe a multi-purpose bag I can use for school and for going out. My sister has a beautiful Deena & Ozzy handbag from Urban that is the perfect size for school books, but stylish enough that she can also take it on the train with her or when she travels, and she has everything she needs in there. The major catch is: Everything is so expensive. Handbag prices are rising every day, which is awful since designers are creating more and more beautiful and over-the-top expensive pieces all the time. I've been looking mainly at Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Forever 21 for my bags, since I'm don't need a 100% real leather $1,000 Miu Miu, or an extra large Chanel handbag. I mean, it would be nice. xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are these not the most eccentric yet stunning shoes in the world? Sigh...footwear.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

put a ring on it

I'm literally obsessed with rings. Except I only have one! As I look though hundreds of fashion photos on tumblr for my I Want blog, dozens of pictures I re-blog are of rings an other jewelry. I have a decent sized jewelry collection, but recently I have not been wearing anything. I don't have many long necklaces, which are the more popular style at the moment. I only have one ring, a small silver ring that says love in cursive, that I only found in one of my bags last week. I almost never wear earrings, but I'm trying to find more bigger earrings to wear (in styles such as feathers or leaves). But anyway, what I really want right now, are rings. I can't really describe what styles I'm looking for, since I'm looking for everything. I definitely want bigger ones, some double-finger to change it up a little bit. My biggest fear is I'll find bad quality ones that will turn my finger green (I've definitely learned from experience!) My favorite color at the moment is turquoise, and I've seen plenty of stylish fingers showing off gorgeous silver and turquoise rings. If I could own that entire ring box in the first photo, I would display it proudly in my bedroom! If anyone knows where I can find rings like these, comment below! xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

school style

I literally did a double take when I saw this photo. I'm a sucker for both eyeshadow and leopard print anything, so this was very eye-catching! Many times during the week, I'll look at the faces of the students around me, and here's what I see. 

  • clear, polished faces without a touch of makeup
  • too much eyeliner, resulting in a raccoon-eye look
  • single line of eyeliner on the top lashes in various colors (black mostly, brown, blue)
Since I walk down the hallway with an immense amount of eye makeup (that looks terrible half the time) on everyday, I'm not going to comment any further on the bad sights I've spotted walking the halls of Needham High. I will, however, touch upon some of my favorite styles I've seen on some very fashionable ladies. 

Bright blue liner: I wish I knew who this girl was, because she did a flawless makeup job last week. I was walking down the stairs on my way to math, when I saw a girl with the most stunning eyes I've ever seen. Her bright blue liner was applied in such a perfect was beautiful. It brought out the color of her brown eyes and lit up her entire face. Newest to-do: Learn how to do a flawless liner. I suck at it.

Big sweaters: You guys know how I feel about sweaters! They're my absolute favorite item in the whole world! I see trendy teens rocking the big sweater matched with tights and combat boots all the time; I love it so much! 

Trendy headbands: Surprisingly, I've seen several girls who can pull off the statement headband look perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of headbands, probably because I like my hair in my face rather than pulled back into a sleek ponytail or headband. Me and my weird habits... But there's two or three girls I see all the time (no idea who they are though) who I often see with a beautiful jeweled or lace headband pulling their hair back. 

Ribbon backpacks: I see this look everywhere. Literally! Apparently, double shoulder strap backpacks are much more popular than one shoulder handbag type backpacks. But several times throughout the day I will see a girl walking through the halls with a stylish ribbon or bow tied into a strap of their backpack. I love it. 

So as I'm writing this post I scrolled up to see what I had already talked about, and realized this was not what I was planning on talking about in this post. Haha! Well..this will have to do, since I really owe you guys a post. I have had one of the busiest weeks ever this past week; thank god it's over! I've had hockey game after hockey game (my Newton team made it to the state finals!) and endless hours of homework (pretty sure I've gotten a total of ten hours of sleep this entire week). But hopefully, I can get caught up with my work as soon as possible so I'll have time to continue blogging almost every day. I'm really really trying though. I didn't realize how hard it would be maintaining a fashion blog that updates multiple times a week as a freshman in high school! But I'm praying for a slow down on the homework so I can blog more! That's all for now! Have a great weekend! xxx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dashing through the snow

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I spent the lovely long weekend tucked away in the Berkshires! I filled my days with skiing, essays, sims, xbox kinect, and donuts. I've been dying to get an outfit post in the snow, except it's about twenty degrees colder (slight exaggeration maybe...) in the Berkshires than in Needham. Do you know how hard it is to wear cute clothes with no jacket without freezing your butt off? Very. But I did it! I frolicked around in the snow while Amanda snapped away on her camera for a good twenty minutes before we both were completely frozen (and she was wearing a jacket!) I also wanted to introduce you to my new favorite accessory and best friend: Coco the Koala! I found her at the local bookstore in Great Barrington under a pile of mittens, moose hats, as well as several other animals. I instantly fell in love! The inside is laced with a thick warm coating, which keeps my head and ears super cozy every day. I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and are ready for midterms! Whoo hoo.......

Forever 21 Shirt (underneath), Urban Outfitters Sweater, American Eagle Jeggings, Pink Socks, Timberland Boots, Natick Outdoor Store Mittens, Nordstrom's Scarf, Bookloft Bookstore Koala Hat

Thursday, January 13, 2011

under the weather

My favorite trend right now is denim shorts over tights. Not sure why, I just really like the look of it. Of course, it's much too cold here to even attempt to try this look, so I can only dream. I put together some looks I would love to try during the summer when it's actually over 60 degrees.

if only i were older

Age has become a strong placeholder in our lives today. You have to be eighteen to vote, twenty-one to legally drink, at least sixteen to drive, and eighteen or older to apply for most jobs. Being fourteen sucks. So no, I wasn't able to apply for that visual internship at Anthropologie, or drive myself to McDonald's for an early morning iced coffee before school. I also have that extremely awkward feeling of judgement when I want to wear wedges to school. The highest shoes I've ever worn to school were baby wedges (that I suppose were high for a thirteen year old) to a fancy-ish thing event at my school last year (I was singing), but I'm pretty sure I was one of the only girls wearing high shoes. There are so many different trends I would love to try (ie. maxi dresses & skirts, heels, wedges, floral pants) but the atmosphere at school is so bland, I would feel so...awkward. So while I'm imaging myself as an older, more mature woman wearing beautiful heels and giant bows in my hair, here are some of the many things I would love to own! If only I were older...

Sigh...I <3 Shoes

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Want

Before my blogspot blog, Just Me With A T was run on tumblr. I realized after several months that tumblr was more for photos, than blogging, so I made the switch. I never deleted my tumblr blog, I just stopped posting on it. Recently, I've been looking throughout a lot of tumblr blogs for inspiration, and remembered how fun it was reblogging photos and finding new blogs to follow. So I started up my tumblr again! I changed the title and everything, but if you scroll through enough posts, you can find my old blog. I named it I WANT, inspired by a favorite blog of mine, and it's just a storage place for photos I find that include items I would love to own. I will still update this blog just the same, but if your looking for individual fashion, food, accessories, etc. photos, you can view my tumblr blog here. :]

Sunday, January 09, 2011

didn't you just wear that?

Have you ever ventured into your closet and pulled out that skirt that you love and thought "how long ago did I wear this? What did I wear it with? Who saw me in it?"The most loathed questions cross my mind every time I put something on. Last year, I was very picky about what I wore. I would wait at least three weeks before re-wearing anything, and if it was something bold, like a nice shirt (my now everyday apparel), I would wait at least a month. Sigh... what was wrong with me? I've now learned from drowning myself in fashion books and blogs that you can re-wear things, as long as you change it up a bit, so to speak.

Karen Cheng, from displays 'one item, two ways' perfectly! She took a floral dress, paired it with knee-high boots (these babies are making a comeback! They've been added to my lust list!), a black blazer, and a thick black belt. Definitely something I would wear! If only it were warmer.... In the second outfit, she toned down the niceness of the dress by tucking it into a pair of shorts, with a white blazer and a low-key pair of oxfords. One dress, two completely different outfits. Genius.

In the first outfit, Karen's polished updo makes her dress look sophisticated and dressy, paired with a set of black pumps. In the second outfit, she transformed the dress into an everyday outfit with a long blazer and a scarf. In the third outfit, she "gave the dress a professional office look with a simple black suit jacket and pearls." 

You can view Karen's blog here.

I hope this helped if you were having a hard time finding different outfits to wear for certain items!

Friday, January 07, 2011

ASOS Spring Lookbook

I stumbled upon the ASOS Spring Lookbook from one of my favorite blogs Rambling With Rin and fell in love with everything! I've never really looked at ASOS before, probably because I've never seen an ASOS store and I'm not very good at finding new stores online. My favorite piece in the whole lookbook is probably the leopard heels (I looooove leopard print!) You can view the entire lookbook here.