Thursday, January 06, 2011

TGFS (Thank God For Sweaters)

I'm not feeling very well tonight, so I'm not writing a big post as I usually do. I'm just going to add on to my rant on sweaters (seen here) really quick. So last night I had a super late hockey game (9:15 really??) and I was so ridiculously tired this morning I couldn't even get out of bed. I grabbed my comfiest sweater (thank you, urban outfitters!) and paired it with a pair of leggings, and my circle scarf and dashed out the door just in time for school. To add on to the fact that I was half-awake all day, it was freeeezing in my classrooms today. Luckily, my sweater was stretchy, so I literally wrapped the whole thing around my legs several times today (classy, I know.) But although today was not the best of days and I still feel like crap, my sweater was super helpful and stylish at the same time! Thank God For Sweaters! :)

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