Saturday, January 22, 2011

school style

I literally did a double take when I saw this photo. I'm a sucker for both eyeshadow and leopard print anything, so this was very eye-catching! Many times during the week, I'll look at the faces of the students around me, and here's what I see. 

  • clear, polished faces without a touch of makeup
  • too much eyeliner, resulting in a raccoon-eye look
  • single line of eyeliner on the top lashes in various colors (black mostly, brown, blue)
Since I walk down the hallway with an immense amount of eye makeup (that looks terrible half the time) on everyday, I'm not going to comment any further on the bad sights I've spotted walking the halls of Needham High. I will, however, touch upon some of my favorite styles I've seen on some very fashionable ladies. 

Bright blue liner: I wish I knew who this girl was, because she did a flawless makeup job last week. I was walking down the stairs on my way to math, when I saw a girl with the most stunning eyes I've ever seen. Her bright blue liner was applied in such a perfect was beautiful. It brought out the color of her brown eyes and lit up her entire face. Newest to-do: Learn how to do a flawless liner. I suck at it.

Big sweaters: You guys know how I feel about sweaters! They're my absolute favorite item in the whole world! I see trendy teens rocking the big sweater matched with tights and combat boots all the time; I love it so much! 

Trendy headbands: Surprisingly, I've seen several girls who can pull off the statement headband look perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of headbands, probably because I like my hair in my face rather than pulled back into a sleek ponytail or headband. Me and my weird habits... But there's two or three girls I see all the time (no idea who they are though) who I often see with a beautiful jeweled or lace headband pulling their hair back. 

Ribbon backpacks: I see this look everywhere. Literally! Apparently, double shoulder strap backpacks are much more popular than one shoulder handbag type backpacks. But several times throughout the day I will see a girl walking through the halls with a stylish ribbon or bow tied into a strap of their backpack. I love it. 

So as I'm writing this post I scrolled up to see what I had already talked about, and realized this was not what I was planning on talking about in this post. Haha! Well..this will have to do, since I really owe you guys a post. I have had one of the busiest weeks ever this past week; thank god it's over! I've had hockey game after hockey game (my Newton team made it to the state finals!) and endless hours of homework (pretty sure I've gotten a total of ten hours of sleep this entire week). But hopefully, I can get caught up with my work as soon as possible so I'll have time to continue blogging almost every day. I'm really really trying though. I didn't realize how hard it would be maintaining a fashion blog that updates multiple times a week as a freshman in high school! But I'm praying for a slow down on the homework so I can blog more! That's all for now! Have a great weekend! xxx

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  1. love this! the ribbon on the backpack sounds so cute, and big sweaters are sssoo comfy :)