Monday, January 10, 2011

I Want

Before my blogspot blog, Just Me With A T was run on tumblr. I realized after several months that tumblr was more for photos, than blogging, so I made the switch. I never deleted my tumblr blog, I just stopped posting on it. Recently, I've been looking throughout a lot of tumblr blogs for inspiration, and remembered how fun it was reblogging photos and finding new blogs to follow. So I started up my tumblr again! I changed the title and everything, but if you scroll through enough posts, you can find my old blog. I named it I WANT, inspired by a favorite blog of mine, and it's just a storage place for photos I find that include items I would love to own. I will still update this blog just the same, but if your looking for individual fashion, food, accessories, etc. photos, you can view my tumblr blog here. :]

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