Tuesday, January 04, 2011

it's a new year

2010 has been such an incredible year! I began my blog all on my own in April, and recently moved to blogger to make my blog strictly about fashion (with a few musical & friendly assortments from time to time.) The main reason I wanted to make a blog was because of Mr.Kate. I was truly inspired by how she found time to blog everyday, showing off her beautiful style and her thriving jewelry collection (which I love!) I wasn't sure what to do with my blog at first; my thoughts were all jumbled together consisting of music, photos and school. But after thorough research, I had an epiphany of sorts, and realized a fashion blog was what I wanted to do.

Fashion Bloggers
One thing I have been noticing recently is fashion bloggers. Everywhere. Open up the February issue of Teen Vogue that arrived yesterday (page 34); right there in the middle of the page! Rumi Neely (fashiontoast.com) and Julia Frakes (juliabunny.tumblr.com) "two top fashion bloggers comment[ing] on New York City and Los Angeles styles." Not to mention Teen Vogue has created a whole site for top fashion bloggers to show off their personal style. I keep telling my mom that bloggers are becoming the new celebrities; I'm not sure how much more obvious the world can be! Go bloggers! :)

This topic is quite self-explanatory. I'm not sure how many adults are looking at this, but think of what our parents had for technology when they were kids. Typewriters...car phones... Clearly, so much has advanced since then. We have cellular devices we can carry in our pockets, some thinner than a nail filer.  We have phones you can video chat on! I doubt I'm the first to say I never expected that to be possible. We have iPads, which are a pointless yet guilty pleasure device that has taken the world by storm. I can just picture the people who invented it now... "I have an idea. Let's make a giant iPod touch... But make it a kindle, iPhone, and MacBook combined!" But what if you have all those things? Is it really necessary, apple-product obsessors?

Nordstroms Blazer, College Of Wooster Tshirt, American Eagle Jeggings, Urban Boots ($10!?!)

I hope everyone had an incredible holiday and a happy happy new year!! x

So this post was obviously very late because I spent my whole vacation in the Berkshires, which has very slow internet service. I was trying and trying to complete my posts but it just wouldn't load. Too aggravated to work, I post-poned my blogging until I returned, only to have an incredibly low inspirational level. But I had little work to do tonight, so I sat down in my newly organized room (more space yayy!) and got to work. I hope to return to a regular blogging schedule now; every other day if not every day. That's all for now! xxo

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