Monday, January 31, 2011

braided bun

I've recently become obsessed with hair. I'm not a huge fan of mine personally, probably because I was in the process of growing it out when an evil hair stylist cut it all off and left me with a not-so-stylish bob last winter! Anyway, I'm trying to make grow it long again, but I love playing with different styles and seeing what looks good. I look the braided bun look; there's so many ways to try it and yet it always looks classy and beautiful. I went to my first (of many, hopefully!) sweet sixteen this weekend and decided I wanted to try a braided bun for my hair. Luckily, one of my camp friends, Maia, is a hair goddess, and took one look at what I wanted and did it perfectly! Thank you, Maia!! :)

The Inspiration

My Look that I look at it the extra pieces sticking out are terrible! After seeing this picture we pinned them up, but I didn't get a picture of that! Sorry :P And sadly, we literally took no pictures before, during or after the party! It was such a shame; all my friends looked stunning! Oh well... I hope you all had a great weekend! xxx

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