Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dashing through the snow

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I spent the lovely long weekend tucked away in the Berkshires! I filled my days with skiing, essays, sims, xbox kinect, and donuts. I've been dying to get an outfit post in the snow, except it's about twenty degrees colder (slight exaggeration maybe...) in the Berkshires than in Needham. Do you know how hard it is to wear cute clothes with no jacket without freezing your butt off? Very. But I did it! I frolicked around in the snow while Amanda snapped away on her camera for a good twenty minutes before we both were completely frozen (and she was wearing a jacket!) I also wanted to introduce you to my new favorite accessory and best friend: Coco the Koala! I found her at the local bookstore in Great Barrington under a pile of mittens, moose hats, as well as several other animals. I instantly fell in love! The inside is laced with a thick warm coating, which keeps my head and ears super cozy every day. I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and are ready for midterms! Whoo hoo.......

Forever 21 Shirt (underneath), Urban Outfitters Sweater, American Eagle Jeggings, Pink Socks, Timberland Boots, Natick Outdoor Store Mittens, Nordstrom's Scarf, Bookloft Bookstore Koala Hat

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  1. Very cute outfit! That hat is lovely and so is your blog x