Thursday, January 13, 2011

if only i were older

Age has become a strong placeholder in our lives today. You have to be eighteen to vote, twenty-one to legally drink, at least sixteen to drive, and eighteen or older to apply for most jobs. Being fourteen sucks. So no, I wasn't able to apply for that visual internship at Anthropologie, or drive myself to McDonald's for an early morning iced coffee before school. I also have that extremely awkward feeling of judgement when I want to wear wedges to school. The highest shoes I've ever worn to school were baby wedges (that I suppose were high for a thirteen year old) to a fancy-ish thing event at my school last year (I was singing), but I'm pretty sure I was one of the only girls wearing high shoes. There are so many different trends I would love to try (ie. maxi dresses & skirts, heels, wedges, floral pants) but the atmosphere at school is so bland, I would feel so...awkward. So while I'm imaging myself as an older, more mature woman wearing beautiful heels and giant bows in my hair, here are some of the many things I would love to own! If only I were older...

Sigh...I <3 Shoes

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