Sunday, January 09, 2011

didn't you just wear that?

Have you ever ventured into your closet and pulled out that skirt that you love and thought "how long ago did I wear this? What did I wear it with? Who saw me in it?"The most loathed questions cross my mind every time I put something on. Last year, I was very picky about what I wore. I would wait at least three weeks before re-wearing anything, and if it was something bold, like a nice shirt (my now everyday apparel), I would wait at least a month. Sigh... what was wrong with me? I've now learned from drowning myself in fashion books and blogs that you can re-wear things, as long as you change it up a bit, so to speak.

Karen Cheng, from displays 'one item, two ways' perfectly! She took a floral dress, paired it with knee-high boots (these babies are making a comeback! They've been added to my lust list!), a black blazer, and a thick black belt. Definitely something I would wear! If only it were warmer.... In the second outfit, she toned down the niceness of the dress by tucking it into a pair of shorts, with a white blazer and a low-key pair of oxfords. One dress, two completely different outfits. Genius.

In the first outfit, Karen's polished updo makes her dress look sophisticated and dressy, paired with a set of black pumps. In the second outfit, she transformed the dress into an everyday outfit with a long blazer and a scarf. In the third outfit, she "gave the dress a professional office look with a simple black suit jacket and pearls." 

You can view Karen's blog here.

I hope this helped if you were having a hard time finding different outfits to wear for certain items!

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