Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone! I would have tried to do an outfit post, or some type of inspirational Christmas photo post or something, but I spent the whole day in sweatpants reading fashion books and playing Xbox Kinect. So I just decided to do what I do best when I have writers block or have no outfit post-worthy to photograph. Research my favorite style and blog about them! I actually meant to write this post months ago, but dropped the idea for some reason days later. But here I am, sitting in my kitchen in the Berkshires listening to music and making baked potatoes (my mouth is watering) looking on different stores for oxfords. These shoes have taken the fashion industry by storm lately! I first saw them on Taylor Swift, maybe? Not sure. But instantly, I fell in love. I'm yet to find a perfect, affordable pair on my feet, but I'm getting quite close! I just found several cute, cheap pairs at F21 which will hopefully be warming my toes shortly. One of the things I love about them are all the different styles. Plain, floral, sequin, or cut-out, each pair is unique and beautiful! Of course, it sucks living somewhere it's so cold all the time. If I could, I would throw on a pair of high-waisted jean shorts, a floral top, a light blazer and a pair of brown oxfords. If only I lived in California... Well, there's no point in fantasizing about impossible outfits, when I should be figuring out if it's possible to wear dresses and not freeze to death. I'm leaning towards yes, I just need to find some really warm tights. It's a work in progress.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and say to yourself, "I want to wear this today?" Usually, this feeling occurs with sweaters, but this morning I got out of bed and had this urge to wear my new blazer. Since it has a neutral color (my favorite!), I threw my favorite floral dress on underneath. I wanted to be comfortable for my last few tests of the week, and I always do better and feel more confident in a cute outfit. 
The camera I was using refused to focus on me in the pictures, but after a while the fuzzy effect grew on me, so I left it.

Nordstroms Blazer, Urban Outfitters Dress, Nordstroms Tights, Union Bay Boots

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've been seeing these pants all over recently, and have become border-line obsessed. I'll admit, they intimidate me. The thigh-hugging fabric, and difficulty of matching the perfect shoes with it, and the whole elegance of the piece. They're much to nice to wear to school, but then, if you're wearing them out to dinner, would you pair a sequin top, or blazer, or sweater? Ahhh, so many choices! This is why I've been searching for a manikin (I know, it sounds ridiculous, but think of how nice it would be if there was a life size person in your bedroom to try your clothes on for you?) to match different things together so I don't have to scramble to try different things on in the morning. I've been making all sorts of fashion mistakes the past few weeks (but hey, we all learn from mistakes, right?) because I've been running so late in the mornings, trying on all sorts of different sweater/skirt combinations, that it's caused me to run out the door last minute wearing something I wasn't totally confident in. 
So what do you think? Yay or nay to these pants? Comment below (anonymous is accepted too!) and tell me what you think! xxo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

quick tip

I'm really upset I can't find time to sit down for a good half hour and write a really good post. Right now, I'm half awake trying to fall asleep, since I have a presentation I need to practice before school tomorrow. But as I lay awake in bed, shopping on urban & topshop, I realized something really quick I wanted to share.

Sweaters. Is it just me, or are sweaters one of the best fashion inventions since riding boots and bow headbands? I was looking through a couple pages of sweaters on urban, continuously adding one sweater after another into my shopping cart (which currently stands at 34 items, probably soon to grow once I move on to shoes) when I realized how perfect sweaters are. You can literally wear them with anything. Tights, leggings, skirts, dresses, jeans, and whatever else there possibly is. Not to mention how comfortable and warm they are!?! I can't even begin to express my obsession with them. My love is growing towards tribal-y patterns in very large sizes, so you can literally wear them as a dress with tights and a bandeau (which I seriously need to begin purchasing! Suggestions?) I just added this adorable polar bear sweater from urban to my shopping cart that I'd probably just wear a black or printed skirt and boots or oxfords. Big sweaters are also great for those weekday mornings you just don't have the energy to get dresses (everyday?) For me, I've been spending these past few months forcing myself to wake up when I get dressed in the morning so I don't walk out of the house in underwear. But for those days when it takes me a half hour to wake up, roll out of bed and slump over to my closet, I automatically look towards my sweaters and cardigans, and begin pulling out all the big warm ones I can find. So my advice to you: stock up on these babies while you can, 'cuz winter is right around the corner and they're selling out fast.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

pretty as a summer rose

I recently saw a promo for the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars in January and remembered my growing playlist of songs I got from the episodes. Whoever is in charge of music: You have beautiful taste. I have learned about so many new artists, and some of the songs are climbing my favorites charts. I visited my pll playlist and found my absolute favorite song of the first half-season.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

can google hear me?

Tonight there was a big Hanukkah dinner at Amanda's! It was so nice to see everyone again, it's been so long! The meal consisted of my favorites: Jami's brisket (best in the whole world), cougle (is that how it's spelled?) and chocolate strawberries for dessert. Yumm. :] I had to resort to photo booth by the end of the night, due to the mostly unsuccesful iPhone pictures that were taken throughout the night. Highlight of the night was definitely reading Stephen's new book (can't remember the title!) which consisted of hilarious things people have searched on Google. My favorite was can google hear me? I thought it was the funnies thing ever, among many many others. Happy Hanukkah! xxo

Urban Cardigan, Nordstom's Top, Urban Skirt, American Eagle Tights, Juicy Couture Wedges, F21 Earrings

Saturday, December 04, 2010

all you need is love

We spent the majority of chorus on Friday writing song lyrics all over Olivia's new sneakers which I'm secretly in love with ($15 at Urban!?!) Then I just went all photographer-crazy with my phone and took pictures since we had an hour and a half of study. P.s. Our sub was Mr.Hambro. I died. 

Urban Sneakers, Macy's Scarf, Urban Cardigan, American Eagle Sweater, TJ Maxx Jeans

Friday, December 03, 2010

wish list

It's December and you know what that means! Holiday shopping!!! The holidays are probably one of my favorite times of the whole year. I love walking into my favorite stores and seeing those big fat signs in the window that say All Sale 50% off or Dresses 20% off. I threw together a quick Hanukkah wish list of some of the items I hope to be receiving this holiday season! xxo

1. Women's Bahama Sperry - $75
2. Ecote Whipstitch Cross Body Bag - $38
3. Mesh Covered Rhinestone Headwrap - $24
4. Teen Vogue Handbook - $16
5. Charlotte Fur Vest - $45
6. Chelsea Crew Perforated Oxford - $69