Tuesday, December 14, 2010

quick tip

I'm really upset I can't find time to sit down for a good half hour and write a really good post. Right now, I'm half awake trying to fall asleep, since I have a presentation I need to practice before school tomorrow. But as I lay awake in bed, shopping on urban & topshop, I realized something really quick I wanted to share.

Sweaters. Is it just me, or are sweaters one of the best fashion inventions since riding boots and bow headbands? I was looking through a couple pages of sweaters on urban, continuously adding one sweater after another into my shopping cart (which currently stands at 34 items, probably soon to grow once I move on to shoes) when I realized how perfect sweaters are. You can literally wear them with anything. Tights, leggings, skirts, dresses, jeans, and whatever else there possibly is. Not to mention how comfortable and warm they are!?! I can't even begin to express my obsession with them. My love is growing towards tribal-y patterns in very large sizes, so you can literally wear them as a dress with tights and a bandeau (which I seriously need to begin purchasing! Suggestions?) I just added this adorable polar bear sweater from urban to my shopping cart that I'd probably just wear a black or printed skirt and boots or oxfords. Big sweaters are also great for those weekday mornings you just don't have the energy to get dresses (everyday?) For me, I've been spending these past few months forcing myself to wake up when I get dressed in the morning so I don't walk out of the house in underwear. But for those days when it takes me a half hour to wake up, roll out of bed and slump over to my closet, I automatically look towards my sweaters and cardigans, and begin pulling out all the big warm ones I can find. So my advice to you: stock up on these babies while you can, 'cuz winter is right around the corner and they're selling out fast.


  1. sweaters ARE the most perfect things ever invented! this is a great write-up about them, I love your blog! I love waking up on a rainy morning and putting on a big sweater before getting tea and reading blogs :) following yours now!


  2. Just stumbled on your blog! Sweaters are fabulous, especially coupled with cold weather (but you're indoors, of course!), hot coco, and an awesome fire. siiighhh.

    Bow headbands aren't too shabby, either!


  3. I looove sweaters! So so perfect. So cozy & stylish at the same time <3

    KF x