Sunday, December 05, 2010

can google hear me?

Tonight there was a big Hanukkah dinner at Amanda's! It was so nice to see everyone again, it's been so long! The meal consisted of my favorites: Jami's brisket (best in the whole world), cougle (is that how it's spelled?) and chocolate strawberries for dessert. Yumm. :] I had to resort to photo booth by the end of the night, due to the mostly unsuccesful iPhone pictures that were taken throughout the night. Highlight of the night was definitely reading Stephen's new book (can't remember the title!) which consisted of hilarious things people have searched on Google. My favorite was can google hear me? I thought it was the funnies thing ever, among many many others. Happy Hanukkah! xxo

Urban Cardigan, Nordstom's Top, Urban Skirt, American Eagle Tights, Juicy Couture Wedges, F21 Earrings

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  1. This outfit is adorable! Your night sounded like a long of fun!!

    I love your background :)

    KF x