Sunday, January 23, 2011

put a ring on it

I'm literally obsessed with rings. Except I only have one! As I look though hundreds of fashion photos on tumblr for my I Want blog, dozens of pictures I re-blog are of rings an other jewelry. I have a decent sized jewelry collection, but recently I have not been wearing anything. I don't have many long necklaces, which are the more popular style at the moment. I only have one ring, a small silver ring that says love in cursive, that I only found in one of my bags last week. I almost never wear earrings, but I'm trying to find more bigger earrings to wear (in styles such as feathers or leaves). But anyway, what I really want right now, are rings. I can't really describe what styles I'm looking for, since I'm looking for everything. I definitely want bigger ones, some double-finger to change it up a little bit. My biggest fear is I'll find bad quality ones that will turn my finger green (I've definitely learned from experience!) My favorite color at the moment is turquoise, and I've seen plenty of stylish fingers showing off gorgeous silver and turquoise rings. If I could own that entire ring box in the first photo, I would display it proudly in my bedroom! If anyone knows where I can find rings like these, comment below! xx


  1. Hey Tzipi! My name is Lara and my dad is friends with your dad from college. My parents saw your parents this weekend and your parents told them about your fashion blog. I just wanted to tell you it looks really nice and you have a great sense of style :)

    For rings- I have nice ones from Mandees, forever21 and from a flea market when I went to Florida :)

  2. Hi! Yes, my parents told me all about you! Thank you so much for your comment! I hear you're thinking about coming to Crane Lake this summer? If you have any questions let me know! xxxo :)

  3. I have an obsession with rings. my favorites are from James Avery but you can find some really cool ones at vintage stores.