Monday, October 25, 2010

down by the river side

Today was such a fun day! Olivia needed some photos for an audition she has on Saturday, so we raided my closet and got all dressed up for a photo shoot in my backyard! (I just got dressed up for fun :)) We ended up spending most of our time across from my house, just walking around this tiny little street that no cars drive down and has lots of trees and flowers. I ended up not wearing shoes for most of the shoot, since Olivia was wearing my wedges, and I just…didn’t really feel like wearing shoes. Our lovely photographer was our friend Amy, but we all switched the camera at certain points. There was a little flower patch in the grass that had these bright yellow flowers popping out of the dirt, so we picked one and carried it with us for the rest of the afternoon. (It’s actually sitting at my table right next to me right now!) I really loved it’s pop of color, so I put it in Olivia’s hair for a while. Very pretty :) So after about an hour and over 100 beautiful pictures being taken, we went inside for about 5 seconds, only to have to come back out to chase after my crazy cat, Pepper, who loves being outside even though she’s not supposed to go out! So after about 10 minutes of chasing her around my yard, Olivia finally snagged her! Then Olivia changed into a new outfit and we moved back into my yard. I have this old swing that has been there since I can remember…maybe it was here when we moved in? Not sure…but anyway, it’s kind of scary, it’s so old! It creaks every time you sit or stand on it, but it never breaks! So that was a brief version of our afternoon…oh! The title! The whole time we were taking photos I was belting “Down By The River Side” by….I don’t know who it’s by actually. Haha. Well I was singing that, and then Olivia started singing it, and Amy started singing it…and then we just couldn’t stop. It’s quite catchy!
On Olivia: Dress Kimchi Blue, Wedges Kelly & Katie, Sweater Vintage, Boots, TJ Maxx
On Moi: Skirt UO, Vest H&M, Tank American Eagle

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