Monday, October 25, 2010


I really hope this isn’t too confusing! Just look at the photos above and understand that they are all supposed to be together in one post, except my tumblr is being very very mean today.
Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite outfits EVER. As I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought to myself, “today’s gonna be a good day.” Was it? YES! I had some of my favorite classes today, (and no math!) and I got so many compliments it made me so happy! Compliments are such a pleasure to hear and give. For me, I love giving them to people on the smaller parts of their outfit that most people wouldn’t really notice (ex. bracelet, necklace, headband, etc.) People may think the smaller accessories of an outfit don’t stand out, but they do! And receiving them, well…everyone loves a good compliment :).
I bought this dress before school started, and then the weather changed so quickly I never got to wear it! But a few weeks ago, a thought came over me. What if I wore dresses with tights, boots and a warm sweater when it’s cold, so I can be stylish and warm…? So last night as I stood in front of my closet searching for an outfit, my eyes drifted over this dress. I pulled out some tights from my drawer, grabbed a sweater of a hanger, and pulled my suede boots out from closet floor. I laid each item out under one another, and instantly knew this would be a good outfit. It you don’t think the same, that’s cool, I’m not judging your style! I feel like this outfit really represents MY style, not anyone else’s!
On a side note: These photo booth pictures have got to go. If anyone knows a site or store where I can get a pretty decent camera pretty cheap, let me know! You can message me, inbox me, come up to me at school, whatever. I just need a new camera! :)

Dress OU, Cardigan Nordstroms, Necklace F21, Tights Hue, Boots Nine West, Gifted Bracelets

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