Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter is on it's way, and you know what that means! The cozy sweaters are being purchased, the holiday wish lists go up, and it's sale time in all your favorite stores! Sigh. I looooove winter. If I had to choose one season, I would probably go with summer, because running around in frilly floral dresses and sandals is my favorite thing in the world. But snuggling up in a large sweater in the middle on winter is not far behind. This year in particular, my obsession with sweaters is growing drastically. My closet is filling up with over sized cardigans and sweaters that I'm so excited to start wearing! I just bought a cream colored sparkly sweater that I cannot wait to throw on over a dress with some tights and my favorite boots. To help you all get in the winter spirit, I'm creating myself (and you) a winter wish list that I will be following for sure to make sure I stay warm and look cute this winter!

For starters, everyone needs a coat that keeps you warm, and is functional with your wardrobe. For me, since I find myself constantly throwing on a skirt or dress with a pair of sweater tights, I pull on my long grey wool coat. It's length hits my leg at a spot that makes my legs look longer, unlike some shorter coats that hit at an awkward length. When choosing a coat, you need to visualize you closet in your head. What colors do I wear mostly? Neutrals? Brights? Florals? For me, I instantly thought of patterns, florals, and colors. So I opted with a grey coat, so no matter what I'm wearing, the color of the coat won't drown out my outfit. For others, maybe you're more of a dark, or neutral kind of person, so a brighter color, like red is more you style.

Gloves - For those freezing winter days, you need to make sure you don't catch frostbite on your fingers. When buying gloves, you also need to think about what color coat you have or are planning on getting. I came across these gloves that came in a ton of different colors a few weeks ago, and I was about to grab a pair of tan ones, when I realized I had grey and black jackets in my closet at home. I immediately picked up hot pink ones. Also, gloves can be annoying when it comes to cell phones. For me, I was always so frustrated when I had to take my gloves off to use my iPhone. So I found these gloves that have pads on the thumb and index finger, that work with touch screen phones. At first, I thought that they were kidding, so I pulled out my iPhone, tried on one of the gloves, and viola! I'm so excited to start using them, so my fingers will stay warm while sending a text message!

Scarf - If you feel like your outfit is too plain, but am having trouble deciding what to add, when in doubt, add a scarf. Scarves are so much fun to play around with. There are so many different styles and patterns to try, there's endless possibilities. I start by building up my scarf collection with all the basic colors (neutrals and a few bright colors that pop) and then I move on to patterns. The key to scarves is finding ones that actually keep you warm, not just make your shirt look cuter. Because if you're wrapping a simple piece of cloth around your neck that doesn't adjust your body heat at all, then what's the point? I admit, I do have a few thin scarves that are just for show, but I also have some that really nice ones that warm me up on days that I'm too cold to walk out of the house. I start cheap, and look at places like H&M (I just bought a grey scarf for $9.99 from there) and Forever 21 that have super cheap scarves, and some of them are actually really warm. Then, if you want some high-quality ones, I saw some beautiful scarves at Urban today, and I'm sure other stores like Free People, Anthropology and Madewell have some great ones as well.

Well I have to go to sleep, but hopefully I'll continue this wish list guide soon! xxx

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