Sunday, March 13, 2011

high-waisted shorts

My favorite thing in the whole wide world right now. I cannot wait for warmer weather!! I'm so excited to pair these high-waisted beauties with crop tops, tees, and floral tanks! If I could, I would literally buy twenty different pairs. My favorite is obviously the denim since I can never get enough of it, but the lace and leather are bold styles that I would also love to try! Sorry for the unannounced blogging break! I've been sick and doing tons of makeup work the past two weeks! I have a super busy week this week, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some late-night posts! Hope you had a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. These are great! I remember these pink ones from Kenza, its her pic, right? ;-)

  2. Nope! I'm not sure who Kenza is, but I found these on tumblr. :)