Saturday, September 10, 2011

somewhere only we know

I just finished my first full week of school here in Israel! Who knew 9 hours of school could be so impossible! Working till 11:30 at night every day is leaving me with absolutely no time to get blogging done! So I was ecstatic when we were given 4+ hours of free time on Shabbat! And thank god for Molly, my fabulous roommate and photographer! We walked around the beautiful Kibbutz taking photos in the herb garden, intersections, and in front of random bushes. Here's a photo diary of all my back-to-school outfits for the first week!

First day of school outfit:
F21 Top
Nordstrom's Vest
Saver's Shorts
Gap Sandals

pretzels & nutella all day every day

F21 Top
Urban Cardigan
H&M Pants
Gap Sandals
American Apparel Bow

Taken from my balcony! Wearing the dress backwards cuz I find it more interesting.
Urban Dress
Nordstrom's Belt
Urban Oxfords

new favorite hairstyle: double braid

Credit to Molly for picking the outfit & location! The beautiful herb garden behind our hotel!
Urban Shirt
H&M Vest
F21 Shorts
Urban Oxfords

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