Friday, April 08, 2011

just a little wedge

With the warm weather finally growing nearer, it's time to head to the nail salon and get a nice pastel colored mani-pedi and whip out some open-toed shoes. Or at least that's what I did. Now for me, flats are one of the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. Sure, they are super cute, and add a little subtle touch to any ensemble. But I really don't like having my heel and toes squished into a little tiny shoe. I'd much rather let my feet breathe in some neutral wedges. Luckily, some of the heels on these lovely footwear aren't too high; perfect for the warmer weather at school! This month's Urban catalog was filled with several pairs of these fancy shoes; my mom and I were eyeing them all!

I'm off the NYC for the weekend! All my camp friends are meeting up, and I couldn't be more excited. Some of us occasionally see each other, but it's so rare that all of us are together under one roof. And although I'm going to be surrounded by beautiful boutiques and the longing temptation to spend all my money in one store will constantly be floating through my mind, the thing I'm most excited about is trying Pinkberry for the first time! I'll hopefully take pictures and blog about my adventures when I get home! Have a great weekend! :) xxx

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