Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring Ahead

As spring weather approaches, stores eagerly hit the drawing boards to create new garments that show off this spring's latest trends. So instead of writing a whole long description of each beautiful new trend, I'd thought I'd show off some of the things I'm most excited for.

Color Blocking: So although I love color, and it can lighten my mood to extreme levels any day, I'm terribly at putting things together. For the longest time I would constantly pair my black blazer with some  sort of navy blue top without realizing what I was really wearing. But when I first saw pictures of this trend I said "Wow!" and "Ew." at the same time. I suppose I still have those feelings now, but the "Wow!" factor has grown. Seeing my favorite colored solids matched with colors I would never even think of putting next to each other in my closet has definitely changed my opinion about the trend and the color wheel. 

LWD: We all have our favorite LBD, but this spring, we're pushing them to the back of the shelf and pulling out a little white dress instead. Personally, wearing black makes me feel slimmer, but also very dark (obviously). When I have a white lace top draped over my chest, I feel much lighter. Does white have this effect on other people, or is it just me? 

The weather has been pretty weird recently. Like last week, my weather app said 49 degrees, so I wore jeans and a t-shirt. As I walked the halls that day, I became instantly jealous of the skirts and floral dresses that filled the school. Not to mention I was sweating like crazy. So the next day my weather app said 54 degrees. I was so excited for a little taste of warm weather, so I wore my new black shorts and a big sweater. Turns out it was going to snow that day... so I suffered the whole day feeling awkwardly cold and had to accept the dozens of stares I was receiving from my peers. So now I'm having a very hard time trusting my little weather app, or anyone else for that matter. All I want is some sixty degree weather and to be able to whip out my high waisted shorts. C'mon, just one day. That's all I'm asking! 

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