Sunday, April 10, 2011


My best friend of eight beautiful summers.

My new favorite bag in the world, courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

red velvet cake at 1:30 in the morning

hailing my first cab :)

Just got home from a beautiful weekend in NYC! As soon as I walked in the door of my friend's apartment, I was pushed right out and into a cab to go shopping. I visited my first American Apparel, explored the candy coated floors of Dylan's, and witnessed a wedding in Central Park! I also tried my very first frozen yogurt at 16 Handles..... so delicious. It was also my friend Ming's birthday on Wednesday, so we got her a mouth watering red velvet and cream cheese frosting cake! So I'm not really excited to go back to school this week, but it's going to 80 degrees tomorrow, and it's vacation next week! xxx


  1. oh new york; i am so jealous! One day I hope to make it there! If only I was in the same country! Your bag looks lovely :) x

  2. Such lovely photos!NYC must be so cool!

  3. That's the cutest bag ever!:)