Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Men's Fashion

By Amanda

I'm guest posting for Tzipi on men's fashion because I've had a bit of experience with it. I have a brother one year older then me and a cousin one year younger then me and I'm always trying to give them tips. Men’s fashion is kind of a tricky subject. There's not much to it since it’s a narrow category. There isn’t much wiggle room in terms of style unless you want to go to extremes. However, there is a way to dress well in high school, while not looking like your crazy. The biggest essential for guys is jeans. Sweatpants are acceptable every once in a while but when in doubt, go with classic jeans. (Any wash is fine!) In my opinion, I find skinny jeans for men to be a little over the top but I think that straight legged jeans are a great choice. A little baggy is okay but you don’t want your pants around your ankles. Adding a plain brown leather belt is always a nice touch. Next is picking out a shirt. If you want to stay casual, you could just wear a printed t-shirt (sports team, band tee, etc). But if you want to amp it up a little bit, you can get some plain t-shirts. A great place to purchase these are Banana Republic and J Crew. If you want try long sleeved, try a “waffle shirt” as some people call them. For a fancier touch, you could go with a nice v-neck sweater or polo shirt (do NOT pop the collar!) To finish off the outfit, add a pair of cool sneakers. If your cold, throw on a nice, plain zip up sweat shirt.

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