Thursday, February 24, 2011


One question Teen Vogue asked me for Best Dressed Reader was how I view my personal style. And as I sat there, contemplating my response, it really got me thinking. What is my style? Although this was not included in the official interview, here was my response: 
"It changes all the time. I'm still so young, so I'm still experimenting with different styles. I spent a lot of time of street style websites and fashion blogs, looking at what other people wear, and then I see what I like and go out and try it."
Now it's difficult to elaborate on that, since that basically sums up my feelings completely. I don't have a style. I suppose if I wear the pick, I would say my style is sort of girly-sophisticated-chic-yet-comfy-flirty-rocker. Haha, not very specific. But the point is, I'm always changing my mind. One day, I'll be donning (thank you, anonymous commenter!) a plain black skirt with bold printed tights and a bright top. The next day, I'll be wearing dark skinny jeans and a pretty lace shirt. And then the day after that I'll be lusting after a baggy t-shirt tucked into high-waisted denim shorts with tights. I think being surrounded by so many different types of people with different personalities and styles is so influential to me. I probably spend more time on tumblr than facebook nowadays... and I re-blog photos from all over the world, and all different types of clothes.
I'm going to continue this rant tomorrow, since I'm literally falling asleep on my computer. Goodnight! xx 

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  1. that's exactly how i view my style! I can never pigeon hole it into a certain kind of style, its just a mish mash :p