Sunday, February 06, 2011


When I first saw this look begin to form I instantly thought of Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter! As I see more and more people with velvet or cotton wrapped around their heads, I can't help but think about purchasing my own. I have a growing feeling in my gut that school is not an appropriate environment for such a I right? I remember a few months ago I decided to wear a thin floral headband across my forehead, and as I walked into biology a kid asked me, "What psych are you doing?". I blushed and awkwardly answered, "It's not a psych." weird. But anyway, what do you guys think? Cute, or no? It really depends on what type you get and how you wear it.'s a work in progress! If I do end up adding one or two to my shopping cart, I will let you know!

Also, today I went shopping with a few of my friends and found three lovely things at that will hopefully be displayed very shortly. The first is a bag! I was so excited when I found it on display at Forever 21! It was only $35, and it's the perfect size for school! I <3 it! My second was a sequined cardigan also from Forever 21. I was actually looking for a dress for my friend Jackie, but came across the cardigan in the process. My eyes are automatically glued to anything pink, sequined, or studded, so it jumped right out at me from the rack! And last but not least, I found a turquoise ring! Haha, yes, only one, but hopefully many many more to come! I'll elaborate with pictures very soon!

Also, I feel really bad about not following my new blogging rule today...I was super busy all afternoon! I tried to get this post up before midnight, but I couldn't make it happen! (Late hockey game...but I scored! Whoo hoo!) Anyways, I will update again tomorrow (technically today I guess) so stay tuned! xxx

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  1. gorrgeous pictures!
    i just thought i'd mention, i saw your snapshot on teenvogue, and i got so excited that there's another girl in suburban mass who doesn't wear uggs!
    lovely blog, following :)

  2. yeah i really like those "heabdands" too. i hate how people look at you weird if you wear something "fashionable" to school. like the girls in the sweetpants and sweatshirts who think they're cool give you funny looks.

    sweatpants my butt.
    i choose fashion.