Saturday, February 12, 2011

printed nails



I've been having so many new obsessions recently! My current obsession is over printed nails. Thanks to one of my very good blogger friends Rin, from Ramblings With Rin (everyone please go follow her, she's trying to reach her goal of 100 followers and she's soo close!), I've been looking at different prints and polishes all day long. She is probably one of the most talented nail painters (or creators, I should say, since she's DIY'd lace and pearl nails too) I've ever seen! 

So I'm not very artistic, or have long enough nails to do anything cool like in the photos above, but I saw an ad for Salon Effects in a magazine a few days ago. I haven't gotten them yet, but I believe they are like little printed nail stickers that you stick onto your nail then trim and file to your nail length. So easy, right? Another polish I've been dying to try is the new O.P.I. Shatter Top Coat! It looks so stunning! 

On a side note: After this coming week is over, I'll be on February break! And you know what that means...more time to blog! :D 


  1. the salon effects work! i have been using them. Love them and they feel like real nail polish. I talk about them on my blog, fyi! GET THEM

  2. Girl You are too Sweet :)