Friday, February 04, 2011


Such a fun look to try, don't you think? I will admit, it looks a little far-fetched at the moment with the lovely snow storm Massachusetts was kindly hit with, but I definitely want to purchase some studded shorts to rock this summer. I wish I could tell you what my favorite photo from this set is; I love them all so much! I'm probably leaning towards the very first photo...or the seventh. I would looooooove a beautifully studded leather jacket! So chic. 

On a side note: I finalized my decision last night to make this a full time blog. I know I've been posting a lot recently, but I'm eliminating those awkward pauses on days I don't post. I'm going to be posting every single day (unless something comes up and I am unable to use a computer)! That means a lot more outfit posts (super excited about that one!) and on days I'm unable to take photos, or it was just one of those jeans and a t-shirt days, I will be writing about different trends, styles, runways (not really my forte, but it's possible) and more! If anyone has questions/comments/suggestions/requests or just want to say hi, comment or shoot me an email! xxxo ;) 

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